My Portfolio

I am glad to see you on my website! Feel free to check out my portfolio (working on adding more content) and other parts of the website. I'm just on the start of my IT career in Data Science. Perhaps we can create amazing projects and IT solutions together in the future that will help to make our world better!

EveaSale Demo

The web app is aimed to weekly predict the future sales and make business-oriented analysis. The client had more than 3 years historical POS-data of more than 100 branch of a chain restaurant. For more information check out the EveaSale website and project report.

VR Alphabet
VR Student Guide

My VR projects for HTC Vive. Me and other students developed the VR Student Guide for our Otago Polytechnic Auckland Campus.
Another VR Alphabet Demo I developed during my free time. In future I'm planning to finish this project and deploy on Steam for free. I think this kind of content can help children learn English alphabet faster than traditional methods, game interaction and animation much better influence the process of memorizing in childhood.

Data Science assignments

Different assignments which I've done during my Data Science and Machine Intelligence course at the Otago Polytechnic.