About Me


Hello, I’m Andrei.

I hail from Moscow, Russia. There I graduated from The Russian State Social University and got various degrees including a degree in Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor in Economics. In recent years I live in Auckland, New Zealand where I completed a Graduate Diploma of Information Technology degree at the Otago Polytechnic and developed my first Business Intelligence project.

I have spent the last years doing study and part-time work with data processing, data management in Business and Social industries with different kind of software (Excel, Anaconda Cloud, SPSS, SQL servers and etc.) and I am keen to continue developing my career in the field of Data Science and Analysis. econometrics, financial statistic, methods of forecasting.Recently, I successfully completed my education program at the Otago Polytechnic (full-time Graduate Diploma in IT) and six months I worked as intern on a my industry project in the sphere of Data Science and Data Analytics. I developed a predictive model in Python with using Machine Learning techniques and web-dashboard service, which is capable of automated cleaning data, data mining, sales forecasting and making a business-oriented analysis of the Time Series data of retail chain store. In that project I implemented Machine Learning algorithms such as Multiple Regression, K-Means clustering, ARIMA and Generalized additive model (GAM) based on Facebook Prophet package. During this study program and industry project development I’ve got a lot of skills in practice of various technologies and multicultural communication in team projects. I knew a lot about teamwork and Agile management, firstly tried to develop VR projects for HTC Vive and got an achievement “Excellent Scholars Award for Data Science and Machine Intelligence”. It was a great experience. My former Data Science lecture recommended me to develop my career in this field.

I’m really interested and fascinated into data manipulation, programming algorithms, analysis of data and creation new IT solutions. I like to explore and find interesting insights in raw data, important relationships between variables, existing dataflows and create data visualization. The most important thing for me in this kind of job - make data accessible for understanding of our customers or employees of other departments for improvement our business strategy, IT service delivering and help with decision-making process.

Currently I'm focused on statistical and AI methods, which we can implement for development of algorithms for data processing in Business and Social sphere.

On a personal level, I can describe myself as a very calm, stress-resistant, friendly, organized and responsible person in my work and life. I have good communication skills and like to make jokes, share and present my ideas. I can work with minimum supervision and pick up new knowledge very fast, but at the same time I enjoy being part of a team of different people, I always ready to help and bring my own point of view and creativity. I’m also  really into sport, creative actvities, travelling, and learning foreign languages and explore new cultures.

What I know

I have practical experience with a wide range of technologies including:

Python • R • SQL • C/C++/C# • HTML • CSS • PHP • Anaconda Cloud • MySQL • MongoDB • Scikit-Learn • Hadoop • SPSS • SAS • Tableau • Power BI • MS Office • Unity

for use with concepts such as:

Machine Learning Algorithms, Data Analytics, Data Wrangling, Data Visualization, Algorithmic thingking, Database Systems & Information Modelling • Web Application Development, and more!

Certificates I’ve completed:

To feed my hunger for learning and improvement of my skills I've completed certificated education and online courses. Some of them include:

Check out my BI Demo project (EveaSale)  and also you can see my Data Science assignments,project files and iPython notebooks on GitHub.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn,  Facebook, or get in touch if you want to discuss some opportunities, collaboration, share your brilliant ideas and interesting information. I’m always happy to chat and meet new people!

You can find a contact form on the contact page or resume page, or send an email directly to aw1211lv@gmail.com.

I appreciate your time spent reading this.

Thank you, Andrei Loshchev!